Son Of Aurelius (USA)

Son Of Aurelius Logo
Son Of Aurelius Logo

The Band:
Max Zigman – Bass
Chase Fraser – Guitar
Josh Miller – Vocals
Spencer Edwards – Drums
Cary Geare – Guitar

Official Website:

Son Of Aurelius Band
Son Of Aurelius Band


Technical Death Metal/ Progressive band Son Of Aurelius was formed in 2009 when vocalist Josh Miller assembled willing local Santa Cruz musicians for a short recording project at Castle Ultimate Studios.

The musicians were Berklee trained bass player Max Zigman, Spencer Edwards on drums, and Cary Geare playing guitar. They quickly wrote some material and recorded a 3 song demo in 5 days. The mix of styles and influences ranged from brutal death to swedish style melodic metal. Everyone involved saw the potential for a full time band and Son Of Aurelius was born.

Upon hearing the demo, Animosity’s Chase Fraser joined the group on second guitar.

In August of 2009, Son Of Aurelius spent 15 days recording their full length debut album with Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios. The new material reflected the demo in it’s diversity of influences and genres. The 11 song album was officially finished in September, and the band began immediately rehearsing full time for live performances and relentless touring.

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2010 – The Farthest Reaches – Good Fight Music

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