2Way Review: Orphalis – Human Individual Metamorphosis

Human Individual Metamorphosis (2012)

Germany, Show No Mercy Records, Brutal Tech Death Metal

From Rimmön:

Oh that’s what I needed at the end of the day. Concrete blast – not only between the eyes. Orphalis killed me the way I wanted so thank you in advance Gentleman’s. What’s better, they come out with such a proposal by ourselves. Not only that telepathy is their strong point but brutal technical death metal with mushroom on the forehead isn’t something new to them. Did they manage to entertain me? Oh yes! There are some “buts”. It’s not an easy listening. I like how they shitting on the “mainstream” if You know what I mean.

They play in tempo but they often breaks it for the sake of persuasive percussion work. Is that bad? It is and individual matter. They crushing my skull so I’m very susceptible of such efforts. Maybe if I were tired after work I would die after couple songs and left them unnoticed but fortunately I wasn’t. Clear and rested mind is surely an advance here. This album glows in the length of almost 32 minutes which is the optimum dose. Optimum enough to be able to listen to Cytotoxin and hit a running into the wall. Orphalis does not have many “typical” moments. I’m glad they are such a rare thing and always leading to the appropriate death manifestation. They are way from playing bullshit – Orphalis should bring havoc and death and are extremely good at it. Brutal vocals may not be the strongest point of the program but can kick some frustrated fucker ass. It is an explosion of pure energy and vital force brutally crushed by heel of reality (read: drums). “Human Individual Metamorphosis” is a force in its pure form. It is not common or chaotic. It might sound silly but it’s just right. It has very direct approach and sometimes even promiscuous. Extreme and severe for sure. It has technical play and devastates the environment at the same time.

I would not call it mediocre. In addition to a robust approach to the topic, Orphalis has an excellent sense of creation and execution. They know how to please the souls with brutal sound approaching to similar experience of the spiritual implosion. It cleanse in some way but crushes head in other. Simply put – it is a very real example of subliminal and nonchalant crushing fun, atmosphere. Orphalis made me hungry for brutal death. Thanks!


From Witness To The Void:

“From the depths of space come the destroyers…”

Countless light years away from Earth, in the deepest recesses of space, there spins a vortex. Tearing and ripping at time and matter, this cosmic imbalance consumes all. Yet suddenly there comes a single emission – a vessel of technical assault and alien brutality…

Human Individual Metamorphosis by Orphalis is this violent emanation. The group’s debut full-length  reminds me of a highly advanced and wicked reptilian race, utilizing life-obliterating technology with world-leveling level precision.

Lately I have been listening to a lot of technical brutal death metal, and Orphalis hits the spot perfectly. An apt comparison is Origin by way of Embryonic Devourment – or, Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas with a heavy helping of Deeds of Flesh’s Reduced to AshesHuman Individual Metamorphosis spins and tears like a vortex; it has skin-shredding riffs, brain-gouging bass scoops,  unrelenting drum devastation, and virulently sinister mid-ranged/rasped vocals.

Technical death metal albums often blur into an unmemorable cosmic mess. Orphalis sidesteps this pitfall by knowing when to stick out a riff, like a professional fighter delivering only his most destructive hits. Check out the Informis vibe of “Watchmaker,” the Behemoth stop-and-go of “Veins of Delusion,” the Brain Drill lasers on “Monuments to Aneristic Illusion,” and the swirling black hole found on “Giving Birth to a Hydrocephalic Deity.” In addition, the calculatingly sparse drums on interlude “Prelude to Exsanguination” showcases a band at the top of their craft that doesn’t need a nonstop 30 minute firework display to prove it.

Human Individual Metamorphosis is at the heaviness of level of “WORLD CRUSHING,” and should not be missed. Orphalis’ first full-length is an impressively sinister and technical assault from an alien race. If this is the sound of the creature that mankind will face in the future, the years to come will be horrible indeed!



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