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MORE new tracks from Cryptopsy?!

Yessir, that is correct, recently-returned death metal titans Cryptopsy have three new tracks available on the new compilation The Best of Us Bleed. The new songs are exclusive to this release, and are titled “Boden,” “A Graceful Demise,” and “Holodomor.” They are the first three tracks on the collection (released on November 12th through Century Media, in contrast to their self-released and self-titled album from September).

As any discerning technical death metal fan would imagine, the three newbies sound similar stylistically and production wise to the self-titled release. However, they have some parts that make them seem just a bit different, and not in a bad way, just sort of noticeable. Unlike some songs that may surface in such an occasion (I am curious about the record label situation), these songs do NOT sound like leftover tracks better discarded to the cutting room floor, and have a fair amount of identity and individuality. In fact, I quite dig them.

The Best of Us Bleed is a two-disc set with a track list (see below) that literally works its way backwards through Cryptopsy’s career, starting with the three new tracks and a Strapping Young Lad cover. Following this, the track list consist of 3 songs from each album (aside from Blasphemy Made Flesh, which only has 2, but is represented in the live version of “Open Face Surgery” from None So Live). Worth noting, the live tracks are compiled from None So Live and Japanese bonus tracks from And Then You’ll Beg and Once Was Not;  the rehearsal tracks are demos from Whisper Supremacy.

Disc 1: 16 Stabwounds
1. Boden
2. A Graceful Demise
3. Holodomor
4. Oh My Fucking God
5. Worship Your Demons
6. Silence The Tyrants
7. The Headsmen
8. Carrionshine
9. The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness (Psalm 91: 5-8)
10. Endless Cemetery
11. We Bleed
12. Soar and Envision Sore Vision
13. Voice Of Unreason
14. Cold Hate, Warm Blood
15. White Worms
16. Emaciate

Disc 2: Bury The Past Alive
1. Phobophile
2. Slit Your Guts
3. Crown Of Horns
4. Defenestration
5. Abigor
6. Open Face Surgery (Live – None So Live)
7. Graves Of The Fathers / Drum Solo (Live – None So Live)
8. Shroud (Live – None So Live)
9. Born Headless (Live – bonus track from And Then You’ll Beg)
10. Slit Your Guts (Live – bonus track from And Then You’ll Beg)
11. Cold Hate, Warm Blood (Live – bonus track from Once Was Not)
12. We Bleed (Live – bonus track from Once Was Not)
13. White Worms (Rehearsal demo track from Whisper Supremacy)
14. Loathe (Rehearsal demo track from Whisper Supremacy)
15. Depths You’ve Fallen (Rehearsal demo track from Whisper Supremacy)
16. Cold Hate, Warm Blood (Rehearsal demo track from Whisper Supremacy)


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2 thoughts on “MORE new tracks from Cryptopsy?!”

  1. I know a lot of people really despise McGachy. I really do not enjoy the album of which shall not be named, however, I enjoyed McGachy’s performance on these tracks and ‘Cryptopsy.’ As I typed this, I readied my shield and crouched behind my desk, in case anyone from the Interwebs was preparing to attack me for such a statement.

    I could see Chalky being a good addition, as it would bring the band back to the crypts. I would be really interested in hearing that.

    …. so you can make it happen, right?

  2. When is Matt McGachy gonna STOP doing a bad imitation of Sven from Aborted? At least Mike DiSalvo, as ill-suited as he was for Cryptopsy after ‘Whisper Supremacy’, had his own distinct style. Matt is just downright *shameful*.

    The only way Cryptopsy can ever heal is ditching that cretin and getting an actually competent vocalist. You know who’d be perfect? Chalky from old school Psycroptic/Mephistopheles. Sure, the band couldn’t really tour for a while but that’s a small price to pay for returning to some semblance of quality.

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