Nephelium - Coils of Entropy

Review: Nephelium – Coils of Entropy

Coils of Entropy (2012)

United Arab Emirates (early)/Canada (current), Self-released, Brutal Death Metal

Remember when death metal sounded like a reanimated, rotting corpse? Like something dead and dripping,  with flesh-eating bacteria clinging to the bones? Nephelium plays that style of death metal – brutal, chunky, chaotic, and straight from Stygian crypts.

Coils of Entropy, the band’s first full-length, is deliciously disgusting music. Entropy is the word indeed as Coils is technical in an unchecked and disorganized way: it surges and seethes with deranged fervor, like carnivorous razor blade maggots.

Nephelium unleashes six tracks of constant pace changes, none of which are under five minutes. This results in a varied song structure of living guitar labyrinths, with purulent vocals that sound genuinely diseased. And the LEADS – its all about lengthy guitar solos, but they are never exorbitant or pretentious, or weedly at all. Instead they sound organic and varied, breaking away from the “every-second-sounds-exactly-the-same” pitfall of some brutal death metal.

For example, see “Malediction.” Even though the song clocks in at 8:44, it passes in a churning minute due to varied pacing and cryptic riffs (as well as a bit of groove.) This monster accelerates gradually,  showcasing how the best of brutal death metal is not all speed and smash – this slow, organic bulldozer brings the devastation.

And the title-track (which closes the album) is a different breed of mutant. Over 10 minutes in length, the song methodically mutates in a rhythmically evolving and devolving way. In particular, check out the serpentine  guitar lead at 4:40, which twists and winds with an Eastern flavor.

When you are looking for a dose of the vile, Coils of Entropy delivers 40 minutes of heart-warmingly horrid metal. As opposed to some modern technical music, Nephelium plays brutal metal that sounds densely, and most definitely, DEAD.

Rating: 9.5/10
Author: Witness to the Void

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