Chaos Inception - The Abrogation

Review: Chaos Inception – The Abrogation

The Abrogation  (2012)

United States, Lavadome Productions, Death Metal

By now the expression “wall of sound” is no longer an original phrase with regards to metal descriptions. Nor is the word “maelstrom.” What about the similarly malevolent “black blood vortex?” Take this song title, add technicality aplenty, and then you have Chaos Inception’s second full-length, The Abrogation.

This wall of maelstrom burns forward at the pace of old-school Krisiun, with somewhat similar production. The vocals are bestial, and demonically forceful, reminiscent of a more barked Nile. The drums burst and surge expertly, lending a well-produced low roar that stands out in the Pete Hammoura/ Hour of Penance style. The guitars hurtle forward in a full-speed warp gallop sprint, but with attention paid to a hefty low end in the production. In total, the title “From Conquering Catacombs to Infinite Cosmos” would be a fitting description – a span of old Nile with Krisiun production, to Diabolic’s leads backed by Origin’s bone-rending fury.

Particular song highlights include the title track, a 2:55 cannon that passes in 55 seconds; “Phalanx (The Tip of the Spear,)” which swoops in with Diabolic’s leads; “Necromantic Lunacy,” with Behemoth’s regalia; “Pasuzu Eternal,” with Origin’s light-speed guitar swirl and Hour of Penance’s blasting drums; and the album closer, “Scald Command,” which slows down for a chugging, double-bass driven fadeout that really catches the ear.

The Abrogation hits like a spiked gauntlet to the throat. Chaos Inception needs no cute melodies or sentimental symphonic neoclassicism: only bone-shredding, face-splintering fury.

Rating: 8/10

Author: Witness to the Void

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