Top Albums of the Year 2012 – teaser!

At the moment, whole crew of is working intensively on year 2012 summary. As year ago, we are preparing Staff comparison of best releases last year brought to us. This goes hand in hand with TOP 10 list. Be sure we will be releasing it soon. Every of us – as single list and all of us – as the MAIN list (combination of all lists). Who will be king of all kings this time? Last years was ARCHSPIRE and theirs “All Shall Align”.

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Best wishes and complex tech-death year! Staff

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2 thoughts on “Top Albums of the Year 2012 – teaser!”

  1. Upset by the lack of truly heavy material in the big magazine’s year end lists? I know I was. When your magazine’s year end METAL list has more bands that are NOT listed in The Metal Archives than bands that are, you may want to re-evaluate your list.

    TDM promises you, the death metal fan, exactly this – a list of the year’s best in top tier, grade A, technical DEATH METAL! There will be no neo-folk / prog / psych / post / hardcore / gimmick metal here – only true, technical, headbanging, skull crushing, DEATH METAL.

  2. 2012 was a *phenomenal* year for Death Metal and at this point, the coveted spot of’s Number One pick is any band’s to receive…

    Will it be Cattle Decapitation’s deathgrind masterwork ‘Monolith Of Inhumanity’? Spawn Of Possession’s mind boggling ‘Incurso’? Perhaps Dying Fetus will be victorious…

    Whomever wins, we as metalheads can safely say that 2012 was a victory for metal music everywhere. \m/

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