Antropofagus - Architecture of Lust

Review: Antropofagus – Architecture of Lust

Architecture of Lust  (2012)

Italy, Comatose Music, Brutal Death Metal

Set your blender to “relentlessly high” speed and “thick and chunky” consistency, as Antropofagus second full-length, Architecture of Lust, is a meaty stew of relentless brutal death metal that borrows heavily from all the right places.

The four-piece sounds most similar to the savage bludgeoning of fellow countrymen Hour of Penance – its full force for the full album, especially with regards to the guitars and drums (played by Davide Billia of Putridity and Septycal Gorge). The pace varies from “as-fast-as-humanly-possible” to “faster-than-most-people-on-Earth,” but the band incorporates enough repetition in the riffs to make songs distinguishable. The slower and groovier parts, such as in “Sadistic Illusive Puritanism,” provide a balancing foil to the fury. However, this is also one of the points that hold the album back – a bit more experimentation in the songwriting, as shown on the aforementioned track, would go a long way.

The vocals sound like a more gruff Nile, while the guitars are reminiscent of Krisiun. Architecture of Lust also warrants comparison to Hour of Penance in the soaring leads. The second point of contention with the album is the bass guitar production – bassist Jacopo Rossi is probably doing all kinds of awesome stuff, but the production makes it difficult to hear what is going on (-1 to the rating).

The cover artwork and song titles also boast another important influence – the classic horror film Hellraiser. The chains and puzzle box are the tools of the Cenobites, while song titles such as “The Lament Configuration” support the theme.

Fans of the aforementioned bands or film will enjoy Architecture of Lust. This meaty slice of brutal death metal is a thick and hearty concoction that exemplifies the better points of the sub-subgenre. Recommended.

Rating: 7/10

Author: Witness to the Void


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