Archspire (Canada)

Archspire Logo
Archspire Logo

The Band:
Oli – Vocals
Dean – Guitar
Jaron – Bass & Vocals
Spencer – Drums
Tobi – Guitar

Official Website:

Archspire - Band
Archspire - Band


A new breed of technical death metal has been born. Pushing boundaries of speed, technique, and limits set only by their predecessors, ARCHSPIRE takes the stage and destroys all expectations.

Focussing on a fast, energetic, and musically technical live show, ARCHSPIRE boasts extended range guitars, and fretless bass. Complete with supersonic shotgun vocals, and velocious gravity blasting, ARCHSPIRE will continue to perform their unique brand of technical death metal across Canada, quickly moving onto the U.S. and beyond.

ARCHSPIRE recorded their full length “All Shall Align” in months of 2010-11 at The Hive studios. Working with seasoned producer Stuart McKillop, the result is a fast, complex, and intricate example of what ARCHSPIRE has to offer. Disjointed melodies and speeds that rival the band’s influences, this taste of what ARCHSPIRE is able to accomplish has already started a buzz in the global metal community.

ARCHSPIRE’S inertia will only grow exponentially until they have overwhelmed metal fans the world over, the imminent subjucation will soon prove that inactivity is not in ARCHSPIRE’S vocabulary.

For fans of: Brain Drill, Origin, Spawn of Possession, Obscura, and Immolation.

Source: Official Facebook

2011 – All Shall Align – Trendkill Recordings

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