Tombthroat - Eden Apocalypse

Review: Tombthroat – Eden Apocalypse

Eden Apocalypse  (2012)

Germany, Blast Head Records, Brutal Death Metal

From the soft cemetery soil pushes forth a zombie’s head… not the size of a normal man, but rather that of a giant abomination. The hideous conglomeration of corpses has tombstones for teeth, a mausoleum for a larynx, and underground crypts of the nameless dead for innards. When the rotting mockery of humanity opens its cracked and decayed lips, the sound which gurgles forth is Eden Apocalypse.

Tombthroat, what a name. You have to at least give these guys some points for accuracy, because the name describes the band’s sound quite clearly. “Rabid-zombie” vocals (the fast kind for sure, none of this bumbling groaning nonsense) may replace “cookie-monster” vocals as the new style in death metal. Remember, you saw it here first!

This hideous creature commands all the best techniques of brutal death metal – approached in a more modern/Fleshgrinded way. The faster parts achieve the whirling frenzy of Severed Savior, while the chugs and squeals sound like crypt regulars such as Disgorge. Chunkier guitar moments also call to mind Mortician (see “Psychological Disharmonism” which showcases Dying Fetus technical rises).

The vocal patterns, delivered primarily in the subterranean range, are often the focus and add some welcomed groove. In “Condemned at Procreation” vocalist Ralf Keitel piledrives in this slight groove, as the vocals trade off with end-of-riff squeals and pummeling drum fills. Other noteworthy moments include thick riffs and squeaking highs on closer “Lord of the Cremation Grounds;” and a sample from a disturbing scene from The Devil’s Rejects on “Bleed for Me.”  

A well-versed metalhead will know what to expect from Eden Apocalypse. But, a well-seasoned metalhead will appreciate how well Tombthroat excels at their brand of brutal death metal – and by that, “excels” means creating a hulking gravestone monster.

Rating: 8/10

Author: Witness to the Void


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