Archspire - All Shall Align

Archspire tries to kill Your brain

This seems to be a killer album if You’re technical fan but this is more than technical. All the melodies and notes are done with a creative touch and massive emphasis on speed. Drums blasting is outrageous (in a good way ofcourse). It is intense as hell and creates no room for breathing. You possibly could not imagine the amount of extremity it keeps until You listen to “Deathless Ringing” for example. This is fast and furious kind of technical death metal. If You are asking “is there something new to do in tdm”, Archspire is the answer. Banging to their music can be Your last experience in life. Compositions are pretty characteristic when You listen the album more and more. For the first time You get “too fast / too chaotic” feeling and You could be rejected but give it a chance! “All Shall Align” deserves it, even if the music is sometimes too combined.

ARCHSPIRE – All Shall Align (2011)

Trendkill Recordings
1. Deathless Ringing
2. Archspire
3. Ascendance to the Summoning
4. Ghosts of Silent Tongue
5. Ancient of Ancients
6. Rapid Elemental Dissolve
7. All Shall Align

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