Over Your Threshold - Facticity

Review: Over Your Threshold – Facticity

Facticity  (2012)

Germany, Metal Blade Records, Progressive Death/Thrash Metal

Over Your Threshold plays a neo-classically tinged take on progressive/technical death/thrash, sort of in the vein of later-day Death. Whatever sub-sub-sub-subgenre you would like to apply, it works quite well on their debut full-length Facticity, and demands attention for the band in the future – especially bassist Christian Siegmund.

The blend of styles does not include brutal death metal, which gives a refreshing and light-hearted sound. An Origin clone this is not! In fact, Over Your Threshold avoid both zombies and aliens, instead favoring more psychological subject matters.

The vocals are more of Chuck Schuldiner rasp than a Cookie Monster growl. It fits with the music though, as the guitars often take center stage, especially once the solos start shooting (in a rather Obscura fashion); see “Obscure Mind Stasis.” This also makes sense with the neo-classical acoustic plucking (“Abdicated”), or the clean plucking on the title-track album closer.

Bassist Christian Siegmund is an expert at his craft, continuing in the Obscura dynamic. His bass lines stretch and expand with a rubbery swell, such as on tracks like “Contextual Fluctuation.” Here, he plays similar to the way Scott Clendenin played his bass like another guitar (rather than a part of the rhythm section).  In contrast, the drums are in the background, with a sort of a dusty/dirty production that seems more fitting to sludge. Although sticksman Julian Matejka is clearly a good drummer and doing interesting stuff back there, the inorganic, stuffy sound sometimes make even his more furious moments seem out of place or alienating.

Overall, Fracticity is a solid debut. Fans of progressive leaning techdeath (i.e. Sound of Perseverancewill enjoy it, but may lament the production. Over Your Threshold is a band to watch in the future, particularly for the bass of Christian Siegmund.

Rating: 7/10

Author: Witness to the Void


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