GRITH - Truly Creating and Disapassionately Ruining

Review: Grievous Ramble in True Hereafter – Truly Creating and Dispassionately Ruining

Truly Creating and Dispassionately Ruining  (2012)

Russia, Independently Released, Progressive Death Metal

“…for he was the latest result in machine intelligence… though some experts still prefer to use the word ‘mimic’ most of the activities of the human brain…and with incalculably greater speed…”

The opening sample on Truly Creating (from 2001: A Space Oddysey) showcases one side of GRITH in that it meanders with a wavering, psychonautic vibe. However, the peaceful sample isn’t at all indicative of the harsh, swirling chaos found on this first full-length. There’s no cheap melodies or clean vocals whining about heartache here – just 11 tracks (41 minutes) of psychological and discordant death metal.

GRITH’s guitars are leaping electricity, cackling and spitting with untamed ferocity. This physical energy hits with lurching, sledgehammer strikes. Meanwhile, the guitar leads often wander in a contemplative manner, like the freely progressive parts of Opeth’s first two albums. There are also creepy strumming passages, akin to astral projection in the clouds. Check out the bleak “Origin Theories,” which echoes Blut Aus Nord; or the grand keys of “Threshold,” born from a Castlevania cathedral.

The vocals are barked and gruff in an almost sludge-like manner. The drums showcase a sharp interplay of hand and feet, snapping at each other and creating an organized chaos of the amorphous and atonal sort, as heard before in DiSalvo-era Cryptopsy.

The atypical production may alienate some. Truly Creating sounds weighty in an organic, yet simultaneously exploratory and introspective. Unfortunately, the production job does not favor the bass guitar (the crux of metal), which is especially tragic here as the bass snaps with a rubbery assault and battery, as seen on “Mental Depths Knowledge.” Truly Creating ends with instrumental “Deep Pt. II,” a slow ambles into nothingness – which makes sense thematically.

Overall, Truly Creating is a high-quality debut from a promising band that is definitely worth your time and money.  The guitars make for a unique listen, and the atmospherics, instrumentals, and keys add a great deal of memorability.  Count this reviewer in with the GRITH psychonautic audience.

Note: The entirety of the album can be streamed on Soundcloud:

Rating: 8/10

Author: Witness to the Void

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