Rimmon’s Top 10 in 2012!

This was incredibly hard choice! Past Year was full of amazing, technical (and not only) releases. I had almost 30 albums to choose from. From progressive / jazzy death metal to strictly virtuosic ones. It took me 3 days to listen through this list and sort it but I felt it is something important to do. Here at technicaldeathmetal.com we love support brilliant musicians who compose addictive sounds. I used word “compose” not by accident. It takes lot of skills to start doing higher form of music, which can be called simply “art”. This goes hand in hand with the creative way of killing, which I call brutal yet technical, metal. Hope You like what You find on this list…

// Rimmön

Gory Blister – Earth-Sick10. Gory Blister – Earth-Sick

This one is more than solid technical death full of twists and turns but with emphasis on tight song structures. Virtuosity makes listening to “Earth-Sick” a real joy. It adds lightness to a pretty addictive death metal. Also it may sound more “melodic” but this is rather occasional. Some stop&go rhythmic and couple solos reminded me Death (only partially). Sometimes they have nice progressive feeling to it but that’s not the real nature of this Italians. Very mature death metal which is concentrated on building intelligent melodies combined with not too complex technical death metal. High value, solid album.

Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme9. Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme

I can’t imagine better played death metal with such obvious technicality in it. Dying Fetus always was a more than solid death metal horde but they’re crossed all the boundaries and started to reinvent their own style. They mixed blasting stylization with intense and “straight-in-the-head” complexity to create technical dying metal. Can’t say they’re original in all ways but hey – fuck off and smell coffee flavored coffee – this is war! War between the raging drums, crisp guitars and down-stamping bass. All of this fueled by brutal vocals of John Gallagher which in fact – reminded me Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under (no offense hehe).

Gorod - A Perfect Absolution8. Gorod – A Perfect Absolution

This one is probably closest to neoclassical stuff right after the Spawn Of Possession. Even though pretty big gap between them, they’re still in the top 10. Ambitious thing here are the lyrics. Generally they’re treat about the history of the Iskorosten siege (capital Derewlans – later Korosten) in Ukraine and the cult of Perun in Rus. The new album by the French team is not only way to play a thousand notes. It’s an interesting concept, well thought out from top to bottom and giving a lot of pleasure from intercourse with complex structures. He can surprise but also gives a break. Sophisticated and ambitious piece of metal.

Arkaik - Metamorphignition7. Arkaik – Metamorphignition

More than meets the eye (or ear). Quite epic and brutal at some moments. Intense above all. Deep and mean vocals combined with blasting percussion could set Your hair on fire, while banging. You can take “Sking Graft Hieroglyphics” which has the power of the hurricane and compare it to 10-minute conglomerate “The Omnipus” and watch how the world collides. This is the essence of this release and shows the ambition and road to perfection which this band goes. Nice, not too obvious concept makes this more deep than I thought for the first time I’ve heard Arkaik.

Cytotoxin – Radiophobia6. Cytotoxin – Radiophobia

Perfect death metal in any matter. Solid, brutal and technical above all! Big hails to the roaming bulldozer which Grimo is. Pig crushing vocals depends on him as well as our lives. You start to realize how fragile our existence is when the blasting percussion along with technical guitars starts bashing Your head. They mix mature songwriting with lethal dose of technicality along with big amount of brutality. A little bit of abstract lyrics with themes about Chernobyl are simply great idea especially if You interested in the disaster or You live almost in the neighborhood. Rock solid stuff!

Abiotic - Symbiosis5. Abiotic – Symbiosis

This one is seriously messed up (in a good way ofcourse). First time I’ve listened to “Symbiosis” I thought they went way too much deathcore but I revised my feelings after couple more sessions. One thing is certain – this is ridiculously rich release. It’s far more than You think it is. They search they’re way through intelligently confusing melodies which not fall far from some crazy progressive / psychedelic stuff. They don’t like haste and force listener to focus on the inside nature of the release. Their policy of subjugation of every death metal maniac is very opened, that’s why they mix so much quality stuff in here and work diligently to achieve goals. Great band!

amdbl-xen4. A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Xen

I’m still in shock after this one. Did You ever wondered how cool will sound avant-garde technical death metal? Here You have a (probably only one) living example. Arcturus meets tdm? Fuck yeah… If You could ever educate in psychosis, AMDBL would have doctorate in this topic. They’re scary, generating black holes around Your head and leaving breathless bodies lying on the floor. They are simple above everything. You shouldn’t expect anything from them because such an individual life form will not tolerate insolent behavior like this. A higher form of art not only for the sake of doing art. Original and hard to describe – only magic inside.

Xenocide - Galactic Oppression3. Xenocide – Galactic Oppression

Hear that sick bass? Endlessly drilling through my head – and want more! Bumpy road through cosmic wastelands and drift on loose ground is the main motors in here. Maybe too descriptive but hell, this music is so illustrative! It is warm and rich in details. Crazy rhythmic with fiery, strong sound blasts through my head like smaller armageddon. This is massive fun for every techno fan. Sometimes drifts away reminding me bands like Enslaved (entertaining progression of sound). This is rare experience which made them to my personal, number three! 10/10 rate for sure.

Rings Of Saturn – Dingir2. Rings Of Saturn – Dingir

Rings Of Saturn are truly an alien incarnation. They were centimeters from number one but hearing once again to “Incurso” made me doing some revision… Back to “Dingir”. Truly a technical masterpiece. Such a virulent atmosphere and complex, mind blowing riffs couldn’t go unnoticed. Best thing it’s all real even it doesn’t sound natural. Most of the time You have weird “sampled-all-the-fuck-way-up” feeling but genius behind the concept is enormous. I liked their debut a lot but the follower truly sets new quality in this genre. This is most insane technical release I’ve hear (probably) ever! Totalitarian technical death metal!

And the number one is…

Spawn Of Possession – Incurso

1. Spawn Of Possession – Incurso

I had to do some refreshing on this one before compiling my brilliant list of brilliant tdm acts. I can’t even find words to describe this kind of genuinely crafted music. I want to make a comparison. Necrophagist’s “Epitaph” was something beyond original for me and couldn’t expect more from technical music than that. I think the Spawn Of Possession made with “Incurso”, technical death metal album of all time! No shit! This is purest reincarnation of neoclassical music! More of this – it’s driven by insanely intense death metal. This is a trip to a madman brain who is a complete creator and death meister in one person. This is modern music manifesto which leads us to better tomorrow. The world has changed with “Incurso” seeing it’s daylight. Courageous way to declare our connection with the past. Long live Spawn Of Possession.

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5 thoughts on “Rimmon’s Top 10 in 2012!”

  1. Another very interesting list.

    Didn’t know Gory Blister had a new album out last year; will have to look into that.

    I liked ‘Metamorphignition’ but not as much as Arkaik’s previous release. ‘Reflections Within Dissonance’ is quite possibly the best album in the immaculately produced Californian tech-death style ala Odious Mortem and a few other bands.

    Cytotoxin managed to obliterate their debut, which I thought was all but impossible. Radioactive Brutal Death Metal supremacy! \m/

    A Million Dead Birds Laughing is quite literally insane…but it’s that special kind of insane that bands like UneXpect and Mr. Bungle have shown makes great music extraordinary. Not sure which I prefer though, ‘Xen’ or The Conjuration’s ‘Tragedy’.

    I wanted to like ‘Dingir’. I really did. I remember being so excited when I heard the pre-production sample with Ron Casey. Then I actually listened to it…

    I know a lot of people love it but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a plastic tech-death record. The drum production is easily the worst I’ve heard from 2012 – 2013 short of how Nile mangled George’s drumming on ‘At The Gate Of Sethu’. I know Ian Baker can really drum all of the patterns on the album but he’s been triggered to DEATH. The vocals are also real problematic. Ian Bearer’s a damn good vocalist but the mix on his lows take all of the power out of them, leaving the ear piercing shrieks with no proper balance. The guitars are also simultaneously too loud and too quiet. When the sweep-tap arpeggios show up, they’re all I can hear. When the rest of the riffs are on display, they’re overpowered by the poorly mixed drums and vocals. I’m kind of shocked this is a Unique Leader Records release, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an album from their roster that had this many production problems. It also doesn’t help that just given the nature of the band’s compositions there’s absolutely NO ROOM to breath, ever. All in all, it’s a pretty shocking disappointment. I still like ‘Embryonic Anomaly’ but ‘Dingir’ just has way too much wrong with it. More power to everyone who likes/loves it but I’ll still be holding out for Brain Drill’s latest. As fast as Rings Of Saturn can go, they can’t beat the title track of ‘Quantum Catastrophe’; 12 minutes of nonstop continually interesting ultra-technical supremacy? Not even aliens can top that.

    1. “I know a lot of people love it but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a plastic tech-death record.”

      Yeah, I had the same problem with them but in the end I thought this “plastic” is very characteristic. It’s almost unique for them, that’s why I liked it.

    2. Radioactive Brutal Death Metal. I hope that catches on as a new sub-sub-subgenre. I really hope that becomes a real thing!

  2. I really like how you use the word “compose.” I agree completely, and never thought about it that way. These musicians make such complex but interesting songs – this is composition at its finest!

    I really liked the releases by Abiotic, Arkaik, Cytotoxin, and Rings of Saturn as well. I didn’t put them in my list, but I think that really is only because I didn’t hear them until late in the year. I am glad you recognized them as great. I think our lists may have been more similar if I had heard them sooner! I will have to check out that A Million Dead Birds Laughing album, I haven’t heard it yet (unfortunately). The description of “generating black holes around Your head and leaving breathless bodies lying on the floor” makes it sound WICKED!

    Also, I first thought the Abiotic record was too deathcore too, but then later I started to really like it. It is just so relentlessly heavy!

    Final, in 2013 I have just come to really appreciate “Earth-Sick.” What an amazing album! The slight dose of melody goes a long way, making the album very memorable and diverse. Again, that would have made my top 10 for sure if I had heard it earlier.

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