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Technical Tuesday – Introducing Technical Black Metal

It has been awhile since the last Technical Tuesday entry. I have been trying to focus on reviewing some of the 2012 releases I missed, some of which cause me to really be disappointed in myself (such as Gory Blister’s Earth-Sick). However, 2012 is past, and 2013 is now… as is winter. And, what is more wintry than black metal. Correct, NOTHING, not even snow. So, here, as a short break from technical death metal, this technician would like to explore some technical black metal.

Such older favorites that have gotten the technical black metal tag retrospectively include Mayhem, 1349, and Marduk, but a well-seasoned metalhead (as I imagine most TDM viewers are) probably knows these bands already. Hence, here are a few modern, or perhaps lesser known technical black metal albums to enjoy when that frigid blizzard sets in, especially if you live in an urban center and not the great frozen vastlands. Imperial Triumphant - Abominamentvm

Imperial Triumphant maintains that whole grim and kvlt thing, but sort of in the orthodox /spiritual/ Deathspell Omega manner. I stumbled across Abominamentvm (2012, self-released) because it features members of experimental death metallers Pyrrhon (in my personal top 20 of 2011). The album, although less than 26 minutes long, is vitriolic and caustic, but also complex and intricate.  It can be streamed at their Bandcamp page ( or purchased for 7$ or more. Trust me, even though the running time isn’t long, Abominamentvm is well worth your money. In particular, “Devs Est Machina” is particularly wicked with its demonic chorus, riffs like sheets of ice, and frigidly precise drumming .

Well done gentlemen – any hopes for Pyrrhon full-length in 2013?

Drottnar - WelterwerkDrottnar’s self-described “Bunker Metal” was my first experience with the technical black metal label. They carry for the flag for it quite well on Welterwerk (2006, Endtime Productions),  a slickly modern affair with fluidly integrated technical parts that remind me more of a death metal band. Where as Imperial Triumphant sounds very black metal, Drottnar’s bunker metal has a lot of the stops and starts and discordance more akin to Necrophagist or the like. I am reminded of a more technical and less industrial Dødheimsgard. “Ad Hoc Revolt” showcases this deathened avant-garde tech black, and serves as a nice transition from technical death metal to the slightly different world of technical black metal. Krallice - Years Past Matter

Krallice play some seriously weird and dense progressive/avant-garde experimental black metal with a whole lot of technical stuff going on. Years Past Matter (2012, self-released) is mesmerizing in its hypnotic and webbed intricacy, thereby giving credence to the need for a separate technical black metal tag as it sounds vastly different than the bludgeoning cudgel found on more militant technical death metal. The vocals are gruff, the sound is thick, and the production is clear, so even black metal naysayers can enjoy themselves some quality TBM in the form of Krallice. A good place to start is album opener “IIIIIII.”

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3 thoughts on “Technical Tuesday – Introducing Technical Black Metal”

  1. Yeah, I am pretty happy about stumbling across Imperial Triumphant. Krallice is cool, but sometimes a very trying listen, as the songs are so dense, and typically longer.

    I like Drottnar! It’s really urban sounding, so I see the comparison to Anaal Nathrakh in that, however I think the two bands have very different goals. I really liked “Vanitas,” and I would go as far as to say it’s better than “Hell Is Empty.” I really liked Anaal’s more industrial blackgrind sound, and I felt like “Vanitas” embodied that more, where as “Hell Is Empty” incorporated a bit too much of the clean/soaring vocals.

  2. Imperial Triumphant and Krallice are awesome finds.

    Not really diggin’ Drottnar though. They remind me of a poor man’s Anaal Nathrakh. Have you heard ‘Vanitas’ yet? It’s amazing. Just as good as ‘Hell Is Empty, And All The Devils Are Here’.

    Another technical black metal band I’m surprised to see no mention of here is Abigor. Check out ‘Fractal Possessions’ if you never have, I think you’d like it.

    1. Oh yeah, and awesome call on Abigor. I had listened to them before, but never “Fractal Possession,” and now I feel like I was missing out on their best work all this time. That album is technical black metal canon in my book.

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