Xenocide - Galactic Oppression

Galactic Destruction Continues …

With the results totaled and the TDM Best of 2012 List posted (as well as the individual lists), I was recently reminded of how I needed to spend more time with several albums from 2012. In particular, the cosmic devastation of Xenocide’s Galactic Oppression really speaks to me. The transmission of death is chunky and heavy, but spacey and advanced in a way that really carries the vibe of an alien race bent on annhilating mankind. In particular, I have been digging on the guitar solo on “Remnants of Organics,” which kicks in at 3:47. There is a certain free-flying wail to it, a certain semi-melodeath sensibility which makes it so memorable, and, dare I say, even fun?

I also have been taking particular notice of the guitar and piano on “Misanthropic Dreams,” which is unusual for me, as I normally don’t like interlude tracks. Oh, and of course, I have to mention the world-crushing title track, with its thick, bouncing riffs, and rubbery bass.

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