After Oblivion - Vultures

After Oblivion heritage…

After Oblivion is a decent technical thrash metal act which released 2 ep’s and one split up to now. They’re from Bosnia And Herzegovina and that’s the country You rarely hear of in the matter of metal. What’s the best and most weird about this cd You ask? The vocalist – Adnan Hatic sounds just like Chuck Schuldiner! When I first heard the band I thought “what the hell?!”. It would be hard to distinguish those two bands if After Oblivion would record a Death cover! This is simply a characteristic feature but the curse as well because it is hard to not compare them.

Maybe it’s a good thing that their styles differ? Anyway. The music is pretty simple even if the technique is very good. Compositions are rhythmic most of the time and go up and downwards. The funny thing is that those rhythmic parts are sometimes similar to Death style. After all I found this cd an interesting experience that any fan of technical music could check (especially for the vocals hehe). Their debut album should be a blast!

AFTER OBLIVION – Vultures (2011) promo

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