Natron - grindermeister

Review: Natron – Grindermeister

Grindermeister (2012)

Italy, Southern Brigade Records, Technical Death Metal

Unburied human corpses are returning to life and feeding on the living… 

Do not try to leave your homes… They seem to survive by eating human flesh!!

Grindermeister bursts forth from the soft soil ready to tear at your flesh with a tireless hunger. Reanimated decay in the truest sense, the sixth full-length from these 20-year veterans consists of seven tracks reworked and resurrected from the band’s personal mortuary, and one cover (Terrorizer’s “Dead Shall Rise.”)

As all the corpse crawling nomenclature suggests, Grindermeister is death metal straight from the crypts. Natron nails the coffin on the dirty death sound with a putrid guitar tone that technicality at the edges, but is firmly planted in crunch.

The 33 minutes, which contain little grind, are driven primarily organic, convulsing riffs with a bit of torturous groove and pace changes aplenty. While technical, the guitar is hefty and exceptionally memorable; the riff on “The Stake Crawlers” is among the most memorable of 2012.  The undead growls are throaty and stay in the lower register. The bass guitar joins the feeding frenzy mostly in the support role, rarely attacking first, and clangs along at pace, but is especially mean when it picks up (“Undead Awake.”) In contrast, the drums are like a berzerker zombie, demonstrating Natron’s explosive grind influence. In true corpse-resuscitating fashion, Natron introduces the zombie mobs with horror samples, which are kept efficiently (and effectively) short – no 90-second+ Mortician intros here. The production is more gore, and sounds more akin Exhumed than Origin.

Natron plays gritty, gory death metal (and I mean that in the best way possible) on Grindermeister, and, for this reason, their sixth full-length is a standout, Even if it is a reanimated corpse (of old songs). Recommended, especially for metalheads that, like this reviewer, haven’t heard the originals.

Rating: 7.5/10

Reviewer: Witness to the Void

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