Christian Muenzner - Timewarp

Christian Muenzner solo album!

I never saw it coming and here it is! I saw on the official Christian facebook that his solo album is finaly here. Hm finally? Pity that I didn’t know it should appear on the market. Anyway – the good thing is the album is marvelous! Melodies and neoclassical feeling is everywhere! It’s like Warmen solo project on one hand and hmm… Kenziner on the other? Even the title is similar (Kenziner’s “Timescape”). There’s alot more of strict arpeggio playing comparing to K. Oh, and sometimes You can even hear progressive death metal here but this is rather on rare ocassion. There are hundreds of inspirations that can be found on Christian debut and You can say everything but there’s not much originality in this record if You are into virtuoso scene.

The technique is ofcourse flawless and the compositions are long and changes alot. I think I forget to mention that this is an instrumental album. I like it alot but there’s nothing I didn’t hear before.

Christian Muenzner – Timewarp (2011)
Self-released, Progressive Metal

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  1. You’re doing some good work here man! Try to get yourself out there with this page and maybe we can see a better appreciation for Progressive Death Metal. You should Post about First Fragment and Persefone.

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