Gory Blister – Earth-Sick

Review: Gory Blister – Earth-Sick

Earth-Sick (2012)

Italy, Bakerteam Records, Technical Melodic / Brutal Death Metal

Micro-genres in metal can be pretty obnoxious. However, sometimes slightly adjusting strict lines are necessary for an accurate description of an album which contains influences from various metallic sub-subgenres. Hence, Earth-Sick.

Gory Blister has been releasing material since 1991, and the four-piece’s fourth full-length is refinement in action, showing an experienced sensibility, a complex and mature combination of technical wizardry, memorable hooks, flying leads, and crushing riffs. It’s a clean-up job worthy of Carcass or Exhumed – or, if you prefer, Disgorge by way of God Forbid. This is brutal death metal to listen to on a sunny day.

Expressive, living guitars drive Earth-Sick. The songs are dynamic and memorable, but also complex in a modern, reeling and spinning way (ala Neuraxis). Especially the leads, which are soaring, flexible and vibrant. Check out the jazz groove and prog bounce of “World Damnatomy,” or the wailing cry of outro “Voices from the Sea,” which wails like Pink Floyd. It fades away with a melancholic departure, receding like the tide taking away all hope.

Vocalist John St. John embodies Peter Tägtgren-era Bloodbath with mid-ranged and well-enunciated growls, in that harsher melodeath style. The exceptions are tracks eight and nine, in which Karl Sanders (Nile) lends his low-bellied demonic growls.

The drums punctuate Earth-Sick poignantly, in a hammering and techy manner, but letting up from the machine-gun snare for some pace changes, and typically adapt to the pace shifts implemented by the guitars. Strong examples of the power of minimal keys can be found on “Dominant Genethics,” and “Serpent Verses.”

On Earth-Sick, Gory Blister assembles a multitude of parts not usually put together to create a sum greater than its diverse pieces. This will appeal to you if you like Inhuman Disgrace by Detrimentum, or other progressive takes on brutal death metal, or if Gone Forever is a guilty pleasure of yours.

Or if you simply like good metal.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer: Witness to the Void


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