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Commenting is open again

We decided to re-share the ability to post comments on We have new spam protection and it will be put to the test. If it works, the feature will be permanently opened.

Hope we can get in touch. Also, we are considering changing of website theme.

There is only 17 days left to 4th TDM birthday!

Cheers, TDM crew

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4 thoughts on “Commenting is open again”

  1. Agreed. Along with Grind & Punishment and Slam-Minded, you guys are one of the only metal music sites I find worth reading. I trust your opinions quite highly, as you guys seem like you actually like the music you are reviewing! I have found out about a TON of great bands, new and old, thanks to this site. So, keep up the good work, you have a great thing going here!

  2. Hey, guys.

    I just want to say that you have a great site going here.
    I have been reading your posts for a few months now.
    A site just for technical/progressive death metal is an awesome idea.

    Greetings from Denmark.

    – Bjarke

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