Arsis - Unwelcome

5th encounter with Arsis

Damn. I’ve seen these guys live at the “We Are The Nightmare” era (which I liked alot I must admit) and they were fresh and very promising technical band. Then the “Starve For The Devil” appeared and it had some strange rock’n’roll vibe and less technicality. Three years later – we have a try of returning to the old days… but not really. They’re something between these two which I mentioned before. Strictly focused on rhythmic as Ouroboros did but hell more of a melodic death metal stuff. Not really a breakthrough… more like step back.

Now I don’t even know if I like the “Unwelcome” album. This is very modern, melodic death metal without the spark which I always liked in their music. Damn, sometimes it sounds even like power metal with growls… One thing is certain – they are playing more accessible and plain music in my opinion. Don’t know why they went this way but this is really not my concern. It’s fun and really easy to listen so probably will gain more attention. I want old Arsis back ;)

Arsis – Unwelcome (2013)
Nuclear Blast Records

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One thought on “5th encounter with Arsis”

  1. I agree that I want old Arsis back. Where is material like “Seven Whispers Fell Silent?!” I also was kind of confused by “Starve for the Devil.” I liked the concept of the album, about the singer’s battle with anorexia. In general, I like when death metal musicians write lyrics about new topics. However, when I first heard the song “Forced to Rock” I thought “Who is this band that sounds really similar to Arsis?” because it didn’t even sound like them. Anyway, maybe they will continue to focus on really technical stuff. Hopefully.

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