Lascaille's Shroud - In Galactic Waves of Immeasurable Death

Demo Review: Lascaille’s Shroud – In Galactic Waves of Immeasurable Death


United States, Self-released, Progressive Death Metal

Lascaille’s Shroud does a lot of things right. First, they (he, as all music is written and performed by multi-instrumenalist Brett Windnagle) play some of the most visual progressive death released in 2011. Second, he/they compose songs with intelligent, conceptually driven writing in abundance. Third, each song has vivid, individual artwork. Fourth, and maybe the most attractive part for new listeners, Lascaille’s Shroud offers their material at a name-your-price basis on their bandcamp:

In Galactic Waves… consists of three tracks, but clocks in near 33 minutes, so this “demo” is longer than many full-lengths… and better produced, too. The album washes intrepid listeners away on a surreal and transcosmic voyage, accomplished through both the visual and auditory aesthetics. Captain Windnagle excels at creating vivid, wavelike soundscapes found in the depths of space, which in turn lead to existential and psychological contemplation.

Windnagle lays down a consistent double bass roll, and his vocals, a mid-range rasp comparable to well-enunciated progressive black metal, narrate an intriguing dialog of space and philosophy. However, the real standout here is the expressive guitar work. Untamed and unrestricted by time constraints, the guitars and keys take turns leading, surging and receding like the tide. For example, see “Memory: The Waves as They Crash Against the Stars,” which drifts with the slow, eternal ebb of time, wearing away at all matter.

While not the most brutal record of 2011, Lascaille’s Shroud’s demo is one of the most promising. In Galactic Waves… demonstrated a future of prog-death success for this one-man project, and with an EP in 2012, and a full-length and a single thus far in 2013, Lascaille’s Shroud  has delivered. Remember, you read it here at the TDM labs first!

Demo rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Witness to the Void

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