Review: Beyond Creation – The Aura

Beyond Creation - The AuraBEYOND CREATION
THE AURA (2013)

Canada, Season Of Mist, Technical / Progressive Death Metal

“The Aura” is a unique album. For many, it may not make much sense but I would have called it specialistic music. This is my description of bands who play a variety of highly technical metal but with not so many essential features that you can easily slip into the ear. Beyond Creation isn’t exaggerated music for musicians but I have noticed an increased use of the “technical wankery” term in their case, already. So was with Archspire. But back to Canadians. They sound pretty like Neuraxis but that’s exactly where the similarities end. The music is constantly climbing up, usually played in tempo. This is maybe not the most digest experience but it will be a pleasure for people interested in technical music. You should explore “The Aura” deeply in order to assess its entirety. You need to listen carefully for best possible results of meeting with six-stringed bass of Dominic Lapointe. It is clearly audible with juicy sound, You simply can’t get enough of it. He screws into Your brain reels and suddenly You remember! It sounds like the one from “Individual Thought Patterns” but because of time, it’s a lot better produced. This man is known for playing in such bands as Atheretic, Augury and session musician in Quo Vadis. This is a worthy recommendation!

They guitar work does some damage to the brain. Great emphasis is placed on developing the melody and playing arpeggio. There are lots of virtuosic solos as well. Couldn’t be a better treat for a technical music maniac? The music is composed by a textbook and so composed. Most of the death metal masterwork is presented by percussion which races with light and works in two modes. It spits out blasts comparable with concert strobes or it does with atmosphere and progression. It allows introduction of higher level guitars too.

I have some sort of dillema here. I ‘am fan of such style and can describe this music as easy to digest. On the other hand – I know this is pretty extreme variation of the technical genre and such chaotic voyages over the fretboard could be very annoying for some people. This is not so far from perfection though. Maybe they need more powerful sound because selectiveness is already here? Anyway, this is a very bright spot on technical death metal scene.

Rate: 9/10
Reviewer: Rimmon

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