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Dissentient’s ‘Dystopian Weakness’ Shows no Such Shortcoming

Dissentient’s 2011 release Black Hole Machine, their first full-length, is a diverse album of varied death metal. It’s got Meshuggah’s odd-time-signatured lurches; In Mourning’s soaring progressive melodies; (early) Gojira’s thick grooves; (early) Edge of Sanity’s subtle keyboards; and Fear Factory’s mechanical landscapes. No songs showcases the diversity of influences so much as album closer “Dystopian Weakness,” a 10 minute progressive-death marathon of futuristic human-crushing worthy of a James Cameron film. Perhaps most-notable is the avant-garde/progressive part that kicks in just before five minutes (for which I won’t ruin the surprise). If the progressive side of death is your kind of thing, “Dystopian Weakness” may be your new favorite song.

Here is a link to the song on Soundcloud. I hope you enjoy this one, as I have been banging my head repeatedly to this for the best few weeks. I wish I had heard this upon release in 2011, as it would definitely have been near the top of my yearly list of progressive death metal.


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