Gorguts - Colored Sands

Review: Gorguts – Colored Sands

Colored Sands (2013)

Canada, Season Of Mist, Groove / Progressive Death Metal

New Gorguts release, after so many years was really anticipated. Especially for the fans of twisted, extreme music. “Colored Sands” has brought little surprise for them but if anyone knows what to expect from Gorguts is probably Luc Lemay, only. Their style has evolved into much more massive attack. More lively and muddy sound came in more atmospheric regions. It reminds me sludge – progressive – groove / death metal. Heavy like a tanker but also subtly speeding through the ocean of unusual melodies. It always been this way but this Gojira/Meshuggah inspired feeling combined with rock crushing Demonic Death Judge (and similar), wiped me from the earth! Gorguts with their music looks inside our bodies through the throat. They put their hands, abusing our mortality. In the middle of the album they present symphonic story about battle of Chamdo and the next step is offensive blow in “Enemies Of Compassion”. This is a powerful message. Given the titles and the cover, I think the whole concept applies to the Chinese army’s actions in Tibet to unite it with People’s Republic of China in the years 1950-1951. These are my suspicions because my promo does not contain such information. You have to admit, however, that the subject is just as original as the band itself. Thanks to this music we can expand our knowledge and put interest in the subject. Gorguts beside decapitation can also state a message. The ways to do so are also not trivial. Technical bass work for a single moment does not give up. He also has his solo moments and shakes our entrails. Excellent sound! Guitars often fall into the progressive slippage and catch the doom alike slowdowns. This was done with incredible sensitivity, though.

In general, the overall migration between genres, results in my uncontrollable head bowing toward Canadians. They are able to move seamlessly between at least four varieties of metal. Sometimes they are nimble like a fox hunting in the snow, however, great emphasis is placed here on the prevailing atmosphere of tension and weight. They will massacre every smile on your face and you feel like your skin goes moldy. From the positive vibes and the “merry” head wiggle to slow internal decay, backed by a grimace. Either way – it is a unique conglomeration of sounds. I like the way, they perfectly combine everything I love in metal. They confirm highest form and reward greatly this long, 12 years of waiting  for the new material. Time spent with “Colored Sands” is always as intense as overwhelming. Extremely valuable material, in every way. Recommended!

Rate: 10/10
Reviewer: Rimmon

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