Desecrated Sphere - Emancipate

Desecrate and annihilate with brazilian power

About month ago, this young and thrilling band released their second album. Sounds fresh and very dynamic. They use creative form of constructing song structures. Often change tempo and utilize variety of technical skills to drill into Your brain. Sometimes more catchy but the dirtiness is ubiquitous. You like insane rhythms? Check! Virtuosic solos? Check! Brutal vocals? Done! Desecrated Sphere simply compiled everything that’s good in brutal / technical / death metal. Reworked the concept and managed to achieve great result. Like from some kind of experiment. There will be time for progress. Important thing is the value of technique and longevity of this brazilian force. They strike in the face but are careful with the actions. Maybe too careful? They could inflict way more damage but probably with loss of genuinely crafted passages. I want more technical insanity next time!

Desecrated Sphere – Emancipate (2013)
Brazil, Eternal Hatred Records, Death Metal with Technical influences

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One thought on “Desecrate and annihilate with brazilian power”

  1. I really liked how the song started with a more simple, head-banging riff, and then had some small technical bursts. I like the combination between the chunky parts and the technical jumps – especially the bassist! It reminds me of Obscura or Beyond Creation. Nice find! How did you learn about this band?

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