Review: Embryonic Devourment – Reptilian Agenda

Reptilian Agenda (2013)

USA, Deepsend Records, Technical Death Metal

That’s what I like in extreme music. Murderous pace, uncompromising vocal and unwavering technique that bends the laws of physics all the time. In overall, “Reptilian Agenda” is close to perfection. Brutal death metal is chased by technique. Still, the guys are able to spread their wings and hop on the melodic “blasts in the face”. These transitions blend nicely but are quite rare. Breaking pace is interesting as well. It breaks the fucking spine in itself but interaction with the vocals is weak. I feel that sometimes guys served us too much of everything. They wanted to cram too much into a half hour session. The intensity of different riffs force us to think about the meaning of life, and above all – about the need of such intensification. Eventually, the band decided to squeeze here more than common sense requires and thus created a specific, specialized environment. This can be liked because such measures allow to explore the way the songs are played and a composition structures. However, some may say they vomit on complexity and want to feel the band is beating the living shit out of them. In this case, Embryonic Devourment is not be the best choice. This gentlemens, beyond extreme technicality, put a lot of passion creating rich structures. They create them using many tools. There is lots of stop&go action and pleasant, supporting rhythms. They are ubiquitous elements on the album in parallel with slowing – stretched – tempo, harmonics, breaks and pull offs. Another important element is the progression. It exists and operates as a full time part of the “Reptilian Agenda”. These are the kind of progressive passages that can turn into a tornado riffs. The connection is a bit like Cephalic Carnage recent achievements.

It’s nothing unusual but it is very tasty indeed. Well heard bass after a short listen begins to compose well with the rest of the instruments. Despite the somewhat cardboard, flat sound – the balance is positive. Above all – this is very authentic piece of music and a rhythmic vocals are powerful. It is encouraging that the band did not go for the easy way out and did not concentrate on the massive guitar onanism. Guys develop their compositions and their music IS interesting. I dont get the creeps on the back but the “Reptilian Agenda” is more than a solid tech death. This is ambitious work and attempt on creative destruction. Freedom of sound movement has suffered a bit because of high complexity but no one said that Embryonic Devourment can not be a specialistic band. I recommend!

Rate: 8.5/10
Reviewer: Rimmon

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