The Zenith Passage - Cosmic Dissonance

EP’s Mayhem: The Zenith Passage – Cosmic Dissonance EP


United States, Self-Released, Technical Death Metal

Cosmic Dissonance was the best damn technical EP of 2013.
Did that catch your attention? I hope so, because Cosmic Dissonance caught mine. Apparently someone has been listening, because The Zenith Passage signed to Unique Leader Records.

Although formed in California, the Los Angeles five-piece now resides at the intergalactic crossroads of the fury of Origin, the neoclassical sensibility of Obscura, and the bounce of relative newcomers Xenocide. Cosmic Dissonance excels in not only complexity, but variety, and boasts one of the most memorable riffs of 2013 on closing track “Tombs of Trepidation.”

The vocals are barked with otherworldly harshness, bursting forth primarily in the low range. The guitars slice and crunch, circular saws attached to a robot the size of buildings, while the bass provides explosive ballistic support. The only thing more devastating is the stop-and-go destruction of the drums, obliterating and paving over the ruins. Most striking about the five tracks is how the discordant, atmospheric, clean picking atop the assault combines with the rigid machinery of destruction. This causes listeners to reflect on a factual eradication of mankind from a species advanced many years beyond ourselves.

This is not the soundtrack to the end – this is the logical and factual contemplation of the inevitability of the end from the observation of the destroyer, an advanced conqueror fulfilling a mission of calculated destruction.

If you are a fan of modern technical death metal, Cosmic Dissonance needs to be on top of your “best records I missed from 2013 that I need to buy” list. No. Scratch that – forget the list, do yourself a favor, and check it out now at The Zenith Passage’s Bandcamp page.

EP Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Witness to the Void

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