The Kennedy Veil - Trinity of Falsehood

New Album from Decrepit Birth’s Live Drummer

Anyone familiar with Decrepit Birth albums knows that the drum performance of these top tier brutal death metallers is of the highest quality and complexity. Technical precision like that requires, quite frankly, better skills than most drummers in modern music. That being said, a project from LIVE drummer Gabe Seeber is certainly worthy of the attention of the technical underground, if only by association with such virtuosity in percussion alone.

The second full length from The Kennedy Veil, Trinity of Falsehood , was released on January 21 by Unique Leader Records. On their Facebook page the Sacramento four-piece describes their style as “No throwbacks, no breakdowns, no wanking, no trends. Modern American Brutal Death Metal!” An apt description indeed.

Trinity of Falsehood, along with the 2011 release The Sentence of their Conqueror, can be streamed and purchased (for 10$ and 6$ digital purchase, respectively) at The Kennedy Veil’s Bandcamp page.

Check out “Enslave.Defile.Erase.” below for a quick sledgehammer to the face:

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