Review: Grace Disgraced – Enthrallment Traced

Grace Disgraced
Enthrallment Traced (2013)

Russia, Buil2Kill Records, Death Metal w/Technical Influences

Russian Grace Disgraced was founded in 2004 and “Enthrallment Traced” is their debut album. It is a solid piece of death metal with technical influences, which stopped in the spirit of the ’90s. There is no exaggeration, since they generate painfully real, underground atmosphere spiced with technical anomalies. Guitar tone gained on technical sound also. They are very selective and combine all the best features of early Death. You could even say that this is a tribute band to the Americans. They can vomit like Cannibal Corpse as well (you can hear it mainly in slowdowns) but the style of Chuck is the closest. Specific rhythmics, composition twists up to playing pace are very similar. They maintain a fair amount of complexity and well refer to the past. They also offer wide passages, which are pouring in the background and rise an atmosphere to a higher level. The target audience is pretty obvious. Noteworthy are two other sections. Grace Disgraced stands out vocally because of a lady. We all know that there is nothing wrong with growling women. More of that, Polina puts in it a lot of heart. Actually, the whole 43 minutes I did not pay attention to the fact that Grace Disgraced is driven by the fairer sex. Because of that, the vocals are not as low and deep as in the CC but she has more attitude than many of the male singers out there! Although a simple interpretation, Polina emerges victorious from this battle.

Drums are occupied by Andrew Ischenko. Drummer – the institution – having to his credit over a hundred, different projects. Richly exposes all the changes taking place here. Promotes rhythm and technically – does not give up even for a moment. This band lives in a unique symbiosis. Roaming free through the genre and seems to be very conscious about arrangements. Abandons the bells and whistles for the overwhelming and relentless death metal. It speeds up and implode but it can also surprise with a technical stop & go. I guarantee that any old school fan will find something here. Disc is supported by a good production so get a knife and cut the meat to the beat of “Psycho Cycle”. You can teasingly say that this is a good start into adulthood. Now I would like to hear something more focused on their own style.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewer: Rimmon

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