Review: Gigan – Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super Science

Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super Science (2013)

USA, Willowtip, Technical / Experimental Death Metal

Gigan does not give up! Gigan attacks again with vengeance! After an intriguing “Quasi – Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes” it’s time for multi dimensional fractal magic and super evolving – science. Triumph of form over content? Oh no, no! Gentlemens created a soundtrack for a film about the widely understood schizophrenia, eating of human limbs and hammering nails with their heads. They are like an epidemic. At the beginning: incomprehensible and chaotic but with time – easier to adapt and wreak havoc on the large scale. Their music is a state of permanent tornadoes. Sometimes we feel as if we were thrown into a box and someone will shake it till we faint. Next we get punch in the teeth with unleashing and exploding progression. Americans are unpredictable as solar flares and are generally similar in characteristics. This is specialistic music. The compositions can be up to 9 minutes long. These are complemented by all sorts of couplings and ambient inputs. They generate atmosphere of anxiety. Ubiquitous frenzy will not let you breathe. Those are massive feelings compared to life saving surgeon or something.

Gigan have a unique style. Compiles the intensity of repeatability and closes it all with a mighty sound. This includes continuous technical twists and outrageous solos. It is a very specific material. Perhaps it can be tiring but when you inhale the music it guarantees You interesting memories. Certainly it also requires an open mind. It can overwhelm the listener so you should be rested. At first glance it seems like there’s a compositional dissonance. There is a lot of inclusions, which are the essence of this concept. You need multiple sessions to fully exploit it. Eventually, if we don’t want to explore this spacious design – we can treat it as a devastating stylistic combine-harvester. I would recommend to rehydrate and get carried away. Extreme, high-octane death metal questioning the meaning of life and beyond. I recommend!

Rating: 9/10
Reviewer: Rimmon

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