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In the New Year, There Will Be DEATH!

2013 was a very solid year for technical music. However, that was yesteryear, and here at TDM.com we are already looking for new ways to scramble our brains, mentally and physically, in 2014. Here are some of the records I am most looking forward to mathing my face off with in the first quarter:

Origin – Omnipresent [Date TBA, Nuclear Blast Records]

Although 2012’s Entity didn’t garner the pangalactic praise of 2009’s Antithesis, the re-fortified quartet shows no sign of hanging up their brooms or powershredders. At the time of posting, Origin had just finished recording the new album. No doubt the over-the-top technicality will cause us to stare into the abyss and reflect on the human condition, and its insignificance, as it has in years past.

Gridlink – Longhena [February 19th, Selfmadegod Records] gridlink - longhena

Brief. Skin-rending, skull-shattering, technical chaos. The now-defunct four-piece’s previous two full lengths grind in at a combined total of 27 minutes (!), but do more damage than most bands will do in their careers. The constantly full-force tornado of nails slices in the realization that in the age of materialism, we are inundated with so many objects, yet attached to none.

Benighted - Carnivore Sublime gore coverBenighted – Carnivore Sublime [February 14, Season of Mist]

The French veterans, one of whom is actually a nurse in a mental hospital, employ lyrics focused on psychoses, which cause us to recognize, and even embrace, our own inner depravity. Combining volatile deathgrind with grooving hooks, 2011’s Asylum Cave was the nastiest, most disturbing depiction of mental instability that no one was talking about. Hopefully that will change in 2014, but, even if it doesn’t, it’s clear that France’s ill underbelly will be proud… and the rest of the will have sustained brain cell loss and neck damage due to acute headbanging.

Pyrrhon – The Mother of Virtues [March 31st, Relapse Records] Pyrrhon - Mother of Virtues

If Gorguts played a concert in Silent Hill to channel a modern world schizophrenic anti-christ, the result would be Pyrrhon. This is music to see the demons in between the walls of reality… and maybe obey their commands. 2011’s An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master triggered deconstruction of our perception of reality through audio-made-visual hallucinations, so here’s hopes Mother of Virtues will push us all into rooms with padded walls.

Mithras band photo 2013Mithras – On Strange Loops [TBA, Relapse Records]

These wanderers of the great beyond are mainstays at TDM. If any metalheads out there are not fans yet, well, that’s something that should be remedied immediately. Mithras’ music pulls forth the depths of the cosmos, in both sounds and themes, bringing the vastness of space to you… and you to the vastness of space.

Decapitated – TBA [Early 2014, Nuclear Blast Records] Decapitated - Nihility

In the mid 2000s, these robots triggered the onset of the wrath of the machines with Nihility and The Negationtwo transmissions of militant dehumanization. This was the beginning of the new era of technical death metal, where cold, precise musicianship causes us to contemplate, and then reject, our flawed existence as human. May the machines rule once more in 2014!

Necrophagist. There, the topic was broached. Perhaps this year, a full decade after the release of Epitaph, the metal world will have the return of this often talked about innovator in the genre. Would anyone be shocked by a surprise announcement that the untitled album was written, recorded, mastered, and ready for release? While this seems doubtful, the new year already promises big albums. No one can predict exactly what will emerge from the depths of technical destruction, but you can be sure it will be crushingly heavy, mindbogglingly virtuoso, and covered by TDM.com.

This list, by no means exhaustive (nor in a specific order) was meant to bring attention to some of the records TDM will be spinning in the first quarter of 2014. What did we miss? What will you be banging your head to? Please let us know any records that will be causing you brain damage in the next few months.

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