Endless Chaos

EP’s Mayhem: Endless Chaos – Rejected Atrocity

Rejected Atrocity (2014)

Canada, Self-released, Technical Death / Thrash Metal

At the beginnig I must admit that Endless Chaos has as much energy as a small power plant. Throughout the whole 12 minutes it is driving at high speed. Guys bend unbridled, almost phallic rhythmics. It places great emphasis on it and the ep would sound completely shallow if not truly addictive melodies. They further emphasize atmosphere by the overall vocal minimalism. “Rejected Atrocity” is like a missile launched toward the listener. At times, very melodic and generally trying to decapitate the listener. The band rarely slows down but it can give you a breather. With only three songs there are no concerns about mental health, but I assume that debut material will decompose strengths through play time. Experience intesification is very rich and feels like locked in an airtight room from with oxygen escaping at an alarming rate. This an EP bodes very well for the future. Perfect production tumbles head and dense compositions fill all the cracks. It is a very dynamic, tailor-made material. It sounds extreme, stimulates and dazzle with energy. For all the metal-frenzy fans with a touch of technique.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewer: Rimmon

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