Cynic - Kindly Bent To Free Us

Review: Cynic – Kindly Bent To Free Us

Kindly Bent To Free Us (2014)

USA, Season Of Mist, Progressive Rock

Evolution continues! I listened to this album million times and it seems it finally got me. Or I got him… At the outset, I am sure this is the most melodic and lightest (not necessarily in terms of perception) album in the Americans career. Listening to this album is a bit like stepping into another state of consciousness. Introduces us to the strange and rather loose atmosphere. Sun, clouds etc … I have a very positive associations. At the beginning, this album seemed to me totally unreal. Currently, I went down to the ground which does not change the fact that Cynic can still produce interesting weather phenomena. Because of its “liquid” nature the time spent with “Kindly Bent That Free Us” vastly passes through the fingers. It is perfectly centered. Vocals vs rest of the world – proportions are distributed more or less equally and are just impressive. It’s a little harder to get used to vocals but it is not a big challenge really. They blends perfectly with the music. Do not forget that this is progressive rock. Cynic took a step to the side and forgave stronger accents. Music gained emotional value through this, although “Traced In Air” widely explored Masvidal clear vocals as well.

Americans tend not to mix too much in our heads. Yes, they can jump in with dramatic introduction, but do not expect a hurricane. It is a very volatile – moody album but does not reach to some extremes. After the storm is small pinch of euphoria and colorful passages. It is a very cohesive concept and is suitable for listening to in its entirety. Only then it becomes complete and emphasize its authenticity. Otherwise, we can think of it as an abstraction. Everything depends on the approach. I do not normally associate with such kind of releases but I appreciated (alot) the artistic content of the material – it is undeniable. Aligning instruments and developments on the album inspires respect and admiration. Drums subtly emphasizes the dynamically changing guitars and bass work … This has a huge impact on the perception of the compositions. Atmosphere is under heavy influence of Sean Malone.

Paul’s new baby is unusual and versatile. It has many layers so You can find new notes and passages every time for a long time. It’s a natural evolution, retreating from the previous Cynic achievements. That’s good because a continuous flow of fresh air is extremely important among such legendary bands like this one. He don’t need to prove anything anymore. On Death To All tour You could notice that this man is very laid back and feels the music perfectly. He was there but looked like was somewhere else to say perversely. This album perfectly corresponds with my subjective feelings and confirms the great form of this musician. “Kindly…” is a departure to an unusual landscapes. I would recommend it a hundred times.

Death To All photos if You want to know what I’am talking about:

Reviewer: Rimmon
Rating: 10/10

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