Review: Incarnator – Caeca Superstitio


Russia, Progressive/Technical Death Metal, Self-released

Does your calendar read 1993? Sometimes mine does. It would seem Incarnator’s does too, because despite forming in 2007, the band plays formative era tech/prog death straight from the good ole days. If this makes you think “Oh, you mean the best kind?” then you owe it to yourself to pick up Caeca Superstitio immediately. Preceded by two demos, two EPs, and one prior full-length, this 56-minute record fuses Individual Thought Patterns with Heartwork for a detailed and trend-refuting reminder of yesteryear.

Incarnator lists the aforementioned genre-defining bands as influences, which shows particularly in the bass/guitars and vocals, respectively. However, they do not list the labyrinths and differential equations which the song structures resemble. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, Caeca Superstitio contains that element rarely mentioned in these sorts of outlets: catchiness.

Yes, Incarnator remember a time when heavy music embodied not only complexity, but memorable songs. (Do you remember that?) Hooks, grooves, hummable melodies… such concepts need not be forsaken in the name of brutality.

The complexity and depth of Incarnator’s music makes for a listening experience that demands full attention. Each time that play button gets clicked, fans of the sub-genre’s formative records will recall that essential early sound. These guys deserve far more recognition than they currently get. Fortunately, if they continue to put out such quality music, they will have a definite place in the top tier of the genre.

In summary: Incarnator Rehearsal Photo

Nostalgia? Check.

Refreshing take on the old guard? Check.

Extravagant yet memorable death metal? Check.

What more could a metalhead need?           How about streaming of the entire album? Well, conveniently, the band provides exactly that. Thanks, Incarnator!

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewer: Witness to the Void

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