ATTENTION FANS AND LABELS! Sarpanitum Completes Mastering New Album ‘Blessed Be My Brothers’

Sarpanitum Blessed Be My Brothers promo photoSarpanitum, the UK titans of brutal-blackened-atmospheric death metal (you know it has to be interesting when the sub-genres requires multiple dashes) have a big announcement for all the listeners and labels out there.

The mythological crushers have completed mastering their second full-length, Blessed Be My Brothers, with a rough release date set for the next six months. Frequent TDM visitors may remember Sarpanitum’s 2011 EP Fidelium, which garnered a great deal of attention due to its experimental yet pulverizing style and historical subject matter. Auditorily, their music combines earthy brutal death metal from the emptied halls of forgotten deities with ethereally transcendence via blackened technical extremity. The closest comparison, minus Sarpanitum’s blackened tombs, could be Mithras, probably slightly owing to drumming, recording, mixing, and mastering from Leon Macey (who makes up half of the latter mentioned cosmological death metal band.) These elements result in a tapestry of death metal unlike any other.

Furthermore, and this is where the labels come in, the band is currently looking for any interested parties to work with the band and/or release the album. The three piece is now considering offers. Sarpanitum - church promo photo

The completed track list is as follows:

By Virtuous Reclamation
Glorification Upon The Powdered Bone of The Sundered Dead
Immortalised As Golden Spires
Thy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished
I Defy, For I Am Free
Malek Al-Inkitar
Blessed Be My Brothers

Blessed Be My Brothers promises to be one of the most unique and interesting death metal albums of 2014. This is not to be missed. For fans, keep an eye and an ear out for updates and samples here at TDM (including a forthcoming interview!), and at the band’s Facebook. Labels, contact the band at, or

Until the release of Blessed Be My Brothers, travel through time with “Sanctus Incendia” from the Fidelium EP:

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