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United States, Experimental Death Metal, Relapse Records

In the field of music covered by TDM there exists a select few bands that create genuinely disturbing music. Descendants from the likes of Demilich and Gorguts, modern groups such as Gigan, Ulcerate, and Portal cause listeners to feel sincerely uncomfortable. By mixing metal, grind, technicality, doom, noisy metallic hardcore, and general all around weirdness, Pyrrhon’s second full-length The Mother of Virtues takes strange a step further – to stark raving madness.pyrrhon

2011’s An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master stood out from even unorthodox death metal due to an amalgamation of surging old death/doom, mathcore, and creepiness. The Mother of Virtues furthers this style with more unhinging song mechanics and structures. In the twisted world of Pyrrhon, walls seethe and breathe, while spiders with needles for legs traverse them. This gives birth birth to songs like “Balkanized,” which transmits strangeness incommunicable in conventional description. While many utilize Lovecraftian lore, Pyrrhon incarnates into auditory form his indescribable slices of surreality.

Even for long time metal fans, The Mother of Virtues may prove a trying listen due to its extreme abrasiveness and uncomfortable atmospheres. However, it’s exactly this feeling of discomfort, this medley of diverse elements (all with sharp or gritty edges), that makes the dementia contained so clear. Pyrrhon have released an album unlike any other, causing listeners to take a step outside of the world with some of the weirdest and darkest metal you will hear in 2014… which is meant in the best possible way. This one will be enjoyed not only by fans of unorthodox metal, but also by fans of unusual or harsh music in any form. Expect to see The Mother of Virtues on year-end lists aplenty.

Rating: 9.5/10
Writer: Witness to the Void (published 05.05.2014)

There are not so many bands like this. Actually, I should say that there is only one Pyrrhon. Describing them strictly as technical death metal is taking the easy way but I will try to expand my thoughts further. “The Mother Of Virtues” is crazy or fucked (like whatever its name) to the limit. Furious proof for the existence of music adhd. As if I fell into a spinning washing machine. For the first 4 songs I didn’t know where the sky and where the ground is. Confusion and frantic race from wall to wall. Tight room and a guy running with an axe. Don’t know where to run and the head is cracked in the wall. Bit of a shock, disbelief and respite. 8-minute “Eternity in a Breath” pulls us into psychedelic story and a strange state of mind. Accumulation of the sounds here is so large that it can blow Your neck in the ground. In Pyrrhon everything happens very rapidly. Seconds pass from the acceleration to stop and we don’t have the impression that the material is cut or not consistent. Attacks and drills a hole in my stomach like some post-hardcore vomit. Maybe a bit like early The Dillinger Escape Plan but in a more avant-garde fashion. Apocalyptic and highly expressive music at the same time. Progressive riffs are like spasms. You can imagine yourself a gentleman madly waving his guitar. This is one of the most dynamic albums I’ve recently heard. Simply explodes!

It should be openly stated that it is not easy listening. Sometimes is hard to catch a breath. At times I felt as if someone pushed me back into the icy, murky water. I did not know what was going on and where I am. Panic searching for a escape way is often accompanied by sessions with “The Mother of Virtues”. It is a very valuable material which is hard to get used to but at the same time, it gives a lot of fun. It could be argued that this is music for musicians but people who indulge in schizophrenic driven, psychedelic sounds, will find something for themselves here. It happens here a lot so please submit Your skull for a trepanation, served by these Americans!

Rating: 8.5/10
Writer: Rimmon (published 10.02.2015)

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