Review: Banisher – Scarcity


Poland, Unquiet Records, Technical Death Metal

Banisher spreads his second attack on the unsuspecting listener. The attack is a very direct one. Rarely gives respite so rested mind will be an advantage here. The first thing that strikes the ears is a massive and well-balanced production. With such intensification, flawless production is mandatory. “Scarcity” is quite specific album. Despite their great potential to manipulate the listener on all sides, this gentlemens play generally straight forward metal. Ofcourse, there is a place for a few tempo breakdowns or frivolous progression but it is only a addition. Therefore, instrumentals like “Vanity” and “Incentives” are a little out of context. I think they don’t fit into the concept and only tries to confirm that Banisher can play “nicely”.

It’s a shame that “Scarcity” has been dominated by soulless advancing instead of bathing in huge atmosphere and intelligent soloing (should be much more). Modernism and the sterility of this material is both its advantage and disadvantage. Certainly there is audience that likes ears cut with a scalpel but so far I’m not sure if my masochism is so far-reaching. Maybe if they go two steps further in the “djent” style it would be more reasonable? On the one hand, it reminds me a bit of Meshuggah or Psycroptic on the other – it’s a move that recently Vedonist made. Guys de-humanized their material but it is hard to have any doubts on a technical level. Falling straights and tight corners are the quintessence of tech music and those regions are richly explored by the band. Maybe a little too rich. Regarding tight and cold style of playing, Swedish band Soreption are ahead of everyone else and it will be hard to break their quality, calculated tech dm. “Scarcity” is quite mature album, both in terms of instrumentalism and production. It lacked a bit of character but keep in mind that this is only the second album. Refined and pampered and so the future appears bright. These gentlemen are able to record what they come to mind so it would not be a problem to leap this album for at least two lengths. Next time as they say.

Rating: 7/10
Author: Rimmon

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