EP’s Mayhem: Tranatopsy – The Illusionist


Mexico, Cronophonia Records, Technical Death Metal

In the modern age of metal, listeners struggle not with finding new bands, but quite the opposite – discerning the quality releases among a sea of standard clones of copies. Especially difficult is the world of technical death metal, as, even though a million notes jammed into a single riff takes extreme dexterity, a great song it may not make.

The four-piece Tranatopsy understands the concept that a replica of a band that has been duplicated a dozen times is not what the music world needs again. Their debut EP The Illusionist showcases an upcoming band not just using ctrl+c, but instead synthesizing the old and the new to create impressive results. The five tracks bridge the gap between the old guard and the new school by combining dense technicality with ethereal sorcery, neoclassical nods, melodic moments, and bludgeoning brutality. The songwriting of yesteryear (remember actual songs?) is used particularly efficiently, but combined with enough dynamic bursts to be surprising. Of special note, the dive-bombing guitar leads marry None so Vile with Goremageddon. For further examples of the necessity of this EP in the collection of any deathfreaks out there, check out the face-stomping slowdown on “Revenge Through Impalement” or the two-part title track that begins with a slow, introspective melodic progression but techs out with professional authority.

Tranatopsy excel at their craft in a market abundant with talent because they are, quite simply, genuine. The Illusionist is real, diverse, old school yet contemporary, and FREE, so an intrepid metalhead has no excuse not to own this. Enthusiastically recommended for fans of the first two albums by Cryptopsy, the sorcery period of Kataklysm, the mysticism of Vital Remains, the neo-classical refinement of Death, or the atmospheric sections of The Faceless.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Witness to the Void

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