EP’s Mayhem: Bleak Flesh – The Gateway

bleakflesh-gatewayBLEAK FLESH

Chile, Independently released,
Progressive/Technical Death Metal

Metal has long had a fascination with space exploration and alien life. As Lovecraft delved into the maddening realization of otherworldly beings, so headbangers look to the stars in search of something more relevant than a world wherein we see rampant materialism and mindless conformity… and a glimpse of something more is exactly what Bleak Flesh has achieved on their first EP The Gateway.

The five cosmonauts travel to deep space through audio, thematic, and visual channels. A heavy emphasis on keyboards and technological sound effects transports listeners from the mundane rigors of modern life to the realm of cosmic fantasy. Amorphous, free-flowing song structures embody the celestial movement with jazz-like movement, especially in the bass guitar. Meanwhile, neo-classical elements, especially in the guitar leads, tether voyagers to humanity. In contrast, sharply precise drums maintain the heavy presence of advanced technology. All of these create a very unified vision of galactic exploration. The vocals narrate via a raspy growl typical of groups like Obscura, with a hint of melodeath or metalcore.

After this 18:30 voyage, listeners may find themselves disappointed when they must return to the reality of terrestrial matters… fortunately, the galactic explorers released a full-length entitled Transcendence this year. Fans of keyboard-heavy composers like Nocturnus, Mithras, or Cynic (Bleak Flesh even uses a robotic vocoder effect!) will most certainly enjoy this space odyssey, and should watch for more.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Witness to the Void

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