EP’s Mayhem: Redeeming Torment – The Dominion

redeeming-torment-dominionREDEEMING TORMENT

France, Independently released, Technical Death Metal

While France may not jump to mind immediately when the discussion veers towards countries famous for death metal, some of the nation’s contributions stand apart from the brutal masses as incredibly unique.

Hence, the debut EP from Redeeming Torment may be met with high expectations. At the time of posting, the torture troupe consists of only three members, and seeks a second guitarist/songwriter and drummer. However, this situation did not prevent the band from recording an extremely promising and technically proficient EP that stands as a harbinger of dark fortunes ahead.

Bulldozing through three tracks in just under 11 minutes, Redeeming Torment calls to mind moments of all the right influences. “Almighty Preachers” shares a vocal-heavy delivery with countrymen Benighted, but also carries moments of Behemoth’s imperial register. “Those Who Break the World” increases the technicality, sounds similar to other unsigned, top-notch acts like First Fragment. The closing, title-track delves into the galactic exploration of Origin, with high-pitched, quick swipes of amelodic decadence. Throughout the EP, a grounding rhythm guitar achieves a balance that keeps The Dominion from wandering into weedly, self-indulgent parts. All of these elements result in a very accomplished debut.

This review briefly name-drops some of the powerhouses in the subgenre in much the same way Redeeming Torment acknowledges them on the EP; as a point of reference to a sound that listeners/readers enjoy. Clearly, these gentlemen know how to play their instruments and write music, making their name one to watch in the future.

Rating: Extremely promising / 5
Reviewer: Witness to the Void


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