Mithras - Time Never Lasts

From beyond the eyes of man comes the new EP from Mithras

Time Never Lasts (2011) EP

experimental death metal

From beyond the barriers of time and space comes the latest transmission of Mithras, the UK experimental death metal titans. The Time Never Lasts EP features two new songs, visions of things yet to come, and three live songs from their back catalogue, glimpses into the ancient temples of yesteryear, as well as the worlds beyond the eyes of man.

Time Never Lasts furthers the progression of this band in their past three studio albums from the archaic shrines of old, moving through the infinite void of space and the madness beyond. The newer songs consist of the pummeling destruction of toppling antique alters alongside the shimmering comic waves of ethereal beings. Newcomers to the band will be surprised by the way the band mixes pounding megaton hammers of ancient war gods with futuristic transmissions from anomalous life forms. Imagine crossing the heaviest moments of the catacombs of Nile with the most vacuous warblings of later Cynic.

The two new tracks showcase the band at the finest, a trim and lean 11 minutes of experimental death metal. The EP’s biggest surprise comes near conclusion of “Inside the Godmind” when Rayner Cross and company pull down the heavens in handfuls with the slowest and most straightforward death metal riffs the band has recorded.

With a sound that transcends time, space, and the laws of physics, any possible listener would rightly be skeptical of how the band’s recordings would transfer to the live medium. Aside from one slightly strange bit of spoken word during “Beyond the Eyes of Man,” these hymns of worldly and cosmic destruction transfer flawlessly to live performance. The drums sounds like the thunder of galactic storms, the guitars swirl like black holes, and the vocals crush like words from an alien race that could shatter planets with sonic force alone.

One line metal verdict:
Experimental cosmic death metal unquestionably worth your hard earned money.

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