Ouroboros - Glorification Of A Myth

Ouroboros – Glorification Of A Myth… further development of technicality

This is way more sick than I thought! Deathcore alike logo made me wonder if this would be technical in any form but trust me… this IS technical stunner! Genuine rhythm masterpiece. Thrashy, catchy melodies are key to their success! Vocals lacks of dynamics sometimes but this isn’t a problem if You are tech freak like me. The sound is perfect. Selective, bright and crisp. Mastering is very important in such releases and this one is amazing. I would not hesitate to call them rhythm maniacs. They based their compositions structures on technical rhythm and this worked amazingly well! Go buy it now!

Ouroboros – Glorification Of A Myth (2011)
Technical Death/Thrash Metal, Self-released

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