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Australia, Prosthetic, Technical Death Metal

A self-titled album anytime after the debut is a bold move, declaring an identity, decrying a specific sound for a group.  Doing as much six albums in says something, and a big something, like “Yeah, YEAH, this is what we sound like.” Such may lead an intrepid metalhead to wonder, “What then is said on Psycroptic?”

In a major step up from 2012’s The Inherited Repression, the self-titled record places Psycroptic comfortable at the top of their slicing rage. Perhaps more importantly, it showcases their ability to seemlessly integrate enough pace variety and influences from outside the subgenre to keep the songs interesting.

Techdeath, as style, hasn’t been new for a long time, so it takes something to stand out from the crowd (and we know it is plentiful). Riff salads, fretboard division, calculator crunching, it can Psycroptic band photoall get a bit monotonous… Yet 16 years in the Tasmanian riff tyrants find a way to craft something unique by mixing in thrash, progressive, melodic flourishes, and local flavor amongst flurries of notes and a drum hurricane. Revel in awe on “Curse of Immortality,”  an early contender for song of the year. This late-album triumph is a testament to what masters of the genre can accomplish when they take creative liberty.

A complex release, Psycroptic may not click immediately; but it will reward fans of the genre who appreciate the subtleties that separate the top tier from the xerox reproductions. Bold and unflinchingly individual, yet rooted in the subgenre, Psycroptic is why modern technical death metal is worth your time.

Rating: 9/10
Reviewer: Witness to the Void


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