Anomalous - Ohmnivalent

Inauguration of extremity – Anomalous – Ohmnivalent

How insane and intense feeling Anomalous shot into my body! At the beginning You will hear some wild neoclassical soloing and extreme visions of techno-brainiacs! There’s couple of progressive moments and they kicks ass (eg. “Ohmnivalent” and “Mitosis” track), but there’s a lot of “chaotic” structures as well. Those parts are not much into melody or songwriting. They concentrate on severe damage and virtuoso stops and go’s with precision and almost – blasting power. You will encounter some post-industrial-keyboard-driven moments of melodic eccentricity as well. One thing I’m sure – this is very high form of death metal powered, technical music. Vocals are the weakest part in my opinion. Too much deathcore tone in it, I suppose. Beautiful thing about “Ohmnivalent” album is the diversity and connection of different styles. Above all – highly technical, amazing cd!

ANOMALOUS – Ohmnivalent (2011)
USA, Brutal Bands

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  1. This is a highly technical album that will appeal to both fans of the newer style of technical death metal, as well as all the old Atheist fans. This will no doubt catch your ears, and most likely appear on your end of the year list of best albums; it will certainly be on mine.

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