Severed Crotch - The Nature Of Entropy

And the sky falls down… Severed Crotch – The Nature Of Entropy

Intriguing intro and we’re into deepest lungs of hell. Severed Crotch isn’t the typical tech-death “onanist” band. They’re brutal above all and next to it, they serve You technical approach to the topic. Even if they’re death metal horde, they aquired will and power to cast several breakdowns at Your neck. Severed Crotch does not avoid aggressive rhythms and brutal blasts. Interesting thing is they come from Iceland (Reykjavik for being precise) and thus they are worldwide quality band already. Great, harsh vocals do their job planned from the beginning. They kill and don’t take hostages. It sounds very open to me. Severed Crotch isn’t into very complex technical death structures but their style varies from song to song. Very nice drift from strictly technical releases. Mature and relaxing death metal witch jazz additives.

SEVERED CROTCH – The Nature Of Entropy (2010)
Iceland, Self-released

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