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The Band:

Muhammed Suiçmez – Guitar/Vocals
Sami Raatikainen – Guitar
Stefan Fimmers – Bass
Romain Goulon – Drums

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Necrophagist - Band
Necrophagist - Band


NECROPHAGIST was founded in early 1992 to integrate the fury of grinding, fast death metal with progressive music. Shortly after the band formed they entered the studio and recorded their first demo tape entitled ‘Requiems of Festered Gore.’ ‘Requiems of Festered Gore’ was never released to the masses as it was sent out solely for promotional reasons in an attempt to help the band secure gigs.

In 1995, NECROPHAGIST re-entered the studio and recorded a self-titled, follow-up demo. The demo’s impact sent shock waves through the European underground death metal scene, which helped NECROPHAGIST not only establish their gruesome name, but allowed the band to play numerous shows all over Europe. Soon NECROPHAGIST was recognized as one of the leading bands in the growing underground progressive/technical death metal scene.

In 1999, NECROPHAGIST recorded their self-released, full-length debut ‘Onset of Putrefaction.’ Despite the limited number of copies that were made, ‘Onset of Putrefaction’ only solidified the growing reputation that NECROPHAGIST had started with their self-titled demo. Soon, NECROPHAGIST became the standard for progressive death metal. Uniting influences from different styles, including classical music, ‘Onset of Putrefaction’ showcased NECROPHAGIST’s demanding dexterity, inhuman brutality and fury.

With ‘Onset of Putrefaction’ NECROPHAGIST reanimated the brutal death metal genre that many had left for dead. ‘Onset of Putrefaction’ actually became an influence for hordes of young musicians and fledgling European death metal bands. The overwhelming response to ‘Onset of Putrefaction’ helped NECROPHAGIST secure highly sought after support slots with such extreme music luminaries as CANNIBAL CORPSE, NAPALM DEATH and SINISTER. This attention further blossomed into NECROPHAGIST’s appearance at numerous festivals, including the Fuck The Commerce in Germany, the legendary Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic and the Maryland Deathfest in the United States.

Now in 2004, NECROPHAGIST have signed to Relapse Records and are prepared to unleash the crushing ‘Epitaph’ on a pitiful and unsuspecting world. Once again NECROPHAGIST have pushed the boundaries of technical and progressive Death Metal to new heights, setting an extreme standard by which others will follow. NECROPHAGIST have quite literally gone where no band has gone before…



Epitaph (2004)
Epitaph (2004)

Epitaph (2004)
Relapse Records

1. Stabwound
2. The Stillborn One
3. Ignominious & Pale
4. Diminished to Be
5. Epitaph
6. Only Ash Remains
7. Seven
8. Symbiotic in Theory


Muhammed Suicmez – Guitar / Vocals
Christian Muenzner – Guitar
Stefan Fimmers – Bass
Hannes Grossmann – Drums


Music and lyrics by Muhammed Suicmez, except “Symbiotic In Theory”, music by Suicmez / Muenzner.

Produced by Muhammed Suicmez.
Engineered by Christoph Brandes and Muhammed Suicmez.
Guitars recorded by Muhammed Suicmez at “The Depth Of Torment”, Baden-Baden.
Bass Guitar recorded by Stefan Fimmers at “Aexxys-Art”, Schwandorf.
Drums and vocals recorded by Christoph Brandes at “Iguana Studios”, March-Hugstetten.

Mixed by Christoph Brandes and Muhammed Suicmez at “The Iguana Studios”.
Mastered by Bob Katz at “Digital Domain”, Orlando, Florida.

Vinyl pressing information:
100 clear
500 gold
500 black (180g)

Onset Of Putrefaction (1999)
Onset Of Putrefaction (1999)

Onset Of Putrefaction (1999 /2004 re-release)
Relapse Records (World)
Willowtip (USA & Canada)

1. Foul Body Autopsy
2. To Breathe in a Casket
3. Mutilate the Stillborn
4. Intestinal Incubation
5. Culinary Hyperversity
6. Advanced Corpse Tumor
7. Extreme Unction
8. Fermented Offal Discharge


Muhammed Suicmez – Guitar / Vocals / Bass Guitar / Drum-Computer


Music and lyrics by Muhammed Suicmez.
Guest guitar solo on “Extreme Unction” by Bjoern Vollmer.
Additional bass guitar by Jochen Bittmann.
Originally produced at “The Depths Of Torment” in 1999 by Muhammed Suicmez.
Drumsamples re-recorded at “The Iguana-Studios” in January 2004 by Christoph Brandes and Hannes Grossmann.
Remixed at “The Iguana-Studios” April-May 2004 by Christoph Brandes and Muhammed Suicmez.
Mastered at “The Iguana-Studios” in May 2004 by Christoph Brandes.
Entire Artwork and “Necrophagist” logotype by Sascha Ehrich.

Release info:

Necrophagist’s debut album from 1999 that’s been out of print for years and desperately wanted by so many. This is no simple re-print, it’s a completely new edition. The  band was waiting for this day to unleash the complete fury of the compositions, which the band believed to be lost to some extent due to technical restrictions  in terms of gear back in 1999. The new edition includes:
– Completely new drum samples recorded piece by piece by Necrophagist’s Hannes Grossmann. The samples were then used to feed the drumcomputer.
– The old guitar, bass and vocal tracks being reincarnated and joined with the freshly fed drumcomputer, all mixed down into a powerful, crisp and clear stereo track.
– 2 previously unreleased songs from the self-titled 1995 demotape being added as bonus tracks.
– A powerful mastering by Christoph Brandes at The Iguana Studios.
– Whole new artwork.

Source: Official Website

Necrophagist (1995)
Necrophagist (1995)

Necrophagist DEMO (1995)

1. Dismembered Self-Immolation
2. Foul Body Autopsy
3. Pseudopathological Vivisection
4. Fermented Offal Discharge


Muhammed Suicmez – Guitar / Vocals
Matthias Holzapfel – Guitar
Jochen Bittmann – Bass
Raphael Kempermann – Drums


Music and lyrics by Muhammed Suicmez.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Wolfgang Frickinger and Muhammed Suicmez in April 1995.

Requiems Of Festered Gore (1992)
Requiems Of Festered Gore (1992)

Requiems Of Festered Gore DEMO (1992)

1. Parasitic Devourment of Hepatic Tissue
2. Rancid Disembowel
3. Cannibalistic Necrophilism
4. Perverted Necropsy
5. Pulverizing Maggot Infestation


Muhammed Suicmez – Guitar / Vocals
Jochen Bittmann – Bass
Raphael Kempermann – Drums


Music and lyrics by Muhammed Suicmez, except “Pulverizing Maggot Infestation”, music by Bittmann/ Suicmez.
Produced and recorded by Necrophagist in April 1992.

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