Witness to the Void – introduction

From the end of October, TechnicalDeathMetal.com got a new Contributor to the site! His name is Witness to the Void and this is how he speaks for himself:

From a snow covered and metal ridden industrial town came a being dwelling in shadow. This listener to the world beyond became infatuated with death metal a decade and a half after its birth into this world, and took particular interest in the extreme technicality of bands like Origin and Dying Fetus, while also enjoying the progressive stylings of bands like Death, Atheist, and Cynic. This unusual wanderer continues to travel around the world we live in, viewing the actions of mankind yet remaining removed, constantly in search of new metal. When not listening to said transmissions, which the he considers the highest form of human art, he is often said to view horror films, play videogames, and pass his time improving his physical condition. In addition to death metal, the Witness also enjoys black metal, progressive metal, sludge, grindcore, doom metal, and some thrash.

I greet him with hope for long term cooperation!


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