Monumental Torment - Element Of Chaos

Monumental Torment… a terrorizing blast!

Monumental Torment is worth mentioning for couple of reasons. They’re fucking technical. They’re death metal and hell, they are uncompromising. I found people bashing them for being boring and duplicating other bands. I must warn You. This is highly specialistic music and not every band are discovering new hilltops. Some of they simply concentrate on delivering high octane and pretty insane music. I agree with one thing. They’re compositions are not too much diverse in overall. Common thing here is hanging on tremolo but in more technical than Cannibal Corpse, way. They play in tempo almost all the time and this is one of a hell, tempo indeed. With this kind of manner they chosen to attract some of the sickest maniacs of the genre, only. I think it is hard to listen Monumental Torment by the way of listening to In Flames or Dark Tranquillity (which are great bands btw.). You must be prepared to be technically slaughetered, even if they lacks of diversity through the album. Nonsense for some and genuine for others. I let You choose by Yourself. Check them!

Element Of Chaos (2011)

Russia/USA, Soulflesh Collector Records, Technical Death Metal

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One thought on “Monumental Torment… a terrorizing blast!”

  1. This album brings the technical, brings the death metal, and brings the choas that fuses the two. It will surely not disappoint, and has been continually making an appearance in my playlists since its realease. Element of Chaos will definitely be seen in my top 10 technical albums of the year, and for those who similarly seem the greatness of the album, I reccomend another listen anyway, because its that good. For people who haven’t heard of Monumental Torment, while you may not be imssing out on the reinvention of the wheel, you are missing out on a splendidly designed and expertly crafted wheel that will carry you to the land of death metal satisfaction.

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