Goshuggist – introduction

Again, I want to introduce to You a new blood which joined technicaldeathmetal domain! His name is Goshuggist and this is how he speaks for himself:

Hawaiian shirts, slacks and a broad brimmed fedora accompanied by the latest tech-death band to earn a place in my collection. This is only a sample from a typical day in my life. Despite *almost* being eighteen, I’ve been a genuine death metal fan for a little over two years. Regardless of any other metal excursions, death metal will continue to be my constant. From Suffocation to Cynic, I’m always looking for new bands to love, hate and everything in between. I’m not what most would consider a ‘traditional’ metalhead (nor am I an elitist) and my taste isn’t bound to what other metal fanatics regard as ‘classic’. This also might go without saying, but if you don’t like Gojira or Meshuggah, chances are we won’t see eye to eye musically. Stick around and you may learn more. 

Welcome and enjoy Your stay!


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